About Us


The Performing Arts School of Nigeria was founded in 2012 and works through several key ventures and initiatives to promote the performing arts industry and to encourage Nigerian creative passions and talents. We pride ourselves for upholding global-standard training and impactful initiatives to further our objectives.


The Performing Arts School of Nigeria will serve as the pillar for performing arts in Nigeria by supporting the community to pursue their passions in the arts with regard to cultural diversity and inclusiveness.

Our Vision Is To Be The Foremost Performing Arts Institution In All Of West Africa By 2023.


  • We endeavor to provide an exceptional arts education experience that cannot be matched in the academic school environment.
  • Our curriculum is of global standards with a fusion of globally sourced and locally generated content, creating the most optimized learning experience for Nigerians.
  • Our team of faculty and staff members have been carefully selected based on their professional experience in the arts, their reputations for excellence and their passion for local development.
  • We have created a challenging learning environment, enabling students to develop in an environment that accelerates their passions for the arts



Olamidun Majekodunmi


An avid dancer since the age of 9, Olamidun built The Performing Arts School of Nigeria/ The Studio Abuja, with the purpose of providing students with unique opportunities and a well-rounded education. Olamidun succeeded in implementing key strategic initiatives and formed major partnerships with some of the largest public and private sector organizations in Nigeria. Driven by her strong passion for wide development across Africa, Olamidun also served as a Director of Education for the Nigerian Young Professionals Forum where she led the architecture of a nationwide Education Intervention Scheme.

Olamidun completed her MBA at The University of Notre Dame, USA and has also served as an Education Strategy and Operations Consultant for Huron Consulting Group in New York City.

Our Instructional Team features the Nation’s richest talent in each of our program areas.

Our faculty consists of both locally and internationally trained talent who boast of credentials such as:

  • Nigerian National Team Member
  • Guinness World Record Holder
  • MTN Project Fame Winner
  • Global ranking placements
  • International competitors and medalists
  • Dance Company Alumni

We also engage industry leaders to lead master classes, giving students real-world instruction.